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Crazy Herb Girl 1000 Words - A Silent Interview and Saints and Sisters Group
January 04, 2016

From the Crazy Herb Girl Blog

A few days ago, I heard about an incredible free website that people are starting to connect on. This site is called It has a number of tribes, but the one I was interested in is called Saints and Sisters. It is a group specifically for LDS sisters to connect, inspire, and grow with each other. I would love to see you there!

The owner of the tribe is an incredible woman named Wendy Santiano. She is the creator of some really touching videos. Her ability to capture the emotions of her subjects is fantastic! Her YouTube channel is called Bed Head Mom. It is so inspiring and thought provoking!

To watch the video and get the link to join Saints and Sisters, click here 1000 Words - A Silent Interview on Self-Worth and the Saints and Sisters Tribe

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Wishing you all the best!

Jenny, The Crazy Herb Girl

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