What is Energy Work?

To understand energy work, we must first have a basic understanding of energy as it relates to our body within the realm of sensation, emotion, movement, beliefs, and sensory images. 


All things in our world are made of energy. As in everything, there is always opposition. Energy can either be of a high or low vibration, with a range or spectrum between the two.  The more high the vibration, the more light it possesses. The lower the vibration, the greater the absence of light and you have darkness. Light is a form of energy. We can feel or sense its warmth. The absence of light, or darkness, can also not be touched, but we can sense the absence of it and have the sensation of being cold.  

Places, people, and objects also have their own energy, vibration, and frequency.  If you think about it there is, most likely, a person or place in your memory that, when remembered, makes you feel calm, peaceful, and safe.  On the other hand, you might also recall a time that you walked into a room and although nothing was said, you felt the tension in the air. Perhaps two people were arguing, and although they now appear to be indifferent to each other, the energy of their words and emotions still lingered.  

We cannot touch the energy, whether good or bad, but we can definitely sense the tension or peace through our physical bodies. For some of us, it is necessary to hone the skill to be consciously aware of this intangible energy going on all around us. For others (who are more aware) feeling all these uninvited sensations can be somewhat overwhelming to their physical bodies.

What is Energy in Relation to Our Bodies?

Energy in our bodies is a like a river that, ideally, should flow constantly. Sometimes it is a slow steady stream and other times like a mighty river in a flash flood.  A flash flood overwhelms the sides of the riverbed and causes damage in its wake.  When we feel strong emotions and have difficulty processing these sensations in our bodies, the energy that is part of the emotion can become trapped within the tissues of our bodies.

Perhaps we have experienced grief or anger so great, that our bodies could not tolerate the amount of energy coursing through us.  As living mammals, we all have a survival system  (our central nervous system) in place, and sometimes that system deems it necessary to shut down the energy flow. This may or may not be a conscious decision. Often times, it is an automatic safety mechanism exactly like when a circuit breaker is thrown to protect the electrical system.  But, unlike a simple circuit, our bodies are intricately made, and we cannot simply stop the flow of energy and expect it to start it back up again and have everything return to its exact previous state. For us, it is like that flash flood. There is evidence of damage that has happened, and that damage equates to the excess energy that the body could not tolerate, and it has affected the tissues of the body. The flow of the river may return to its banks, but there is emotional residue that needs to be cleaned up to return the body to its optimal function. The mess doesn’t have to be cleaned up immediately; the energy or river can still move and may even change course to keep going. However, if we ignore, or are not cognizant of the damage that has been done, the damage can worsen over time. This process of flash flooding and shut down can happen over and over, and can lead to improper patterns that can eventually cause “dis-ease” in the body’s intricate energy system.

So What is Energy Work?

Let’s go back to the analogy of the flash flood of energy and the damage it can cause by leaving debris (trapped energy) in the tissues of the body. These trapped sensations, emotions, movements, beliefs, and/or sensory images, literally have an energy of their own. The flow of energy must move around them and this causes imbalances because of the blocks, or partial blocks that inhibit the natural flow of energy throughout the body. When one acknowledges the “debris”  that was left by the flash flood of overwhelming emotion, then removes it with acceptance and love, this successfully sends the debris (trapped emotion) out of the body. As this takes place, the rivers of energy are allowed to return to their proper routes, thus bringing balance back to the individual.

Energy Work is the process through which we clean up the damage done by the flash flood. There are several different energy modalities that all work with the flow of energy and removing obstructions that are caused by trapped energy.  The ones that I have personal experience with are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping), The Emotion Code, The Body Code (a full body approach using the basics from the Emotion Code), Craniosacral Therapy, Quantum Touch, and Foot Zoning, and the method I have developed My Perfection Healing. It is a combination of many of the things I have learned, but at the core it is Christ-centered, and that miracles are possible due to the exercise of our faith.

EFT (tapping), Quantum Touch, The Emotion Code, and My Perfection Healing are easily accessible to anyone and easily understood.  EFT, Quantum Touch, and Emotion Code, and practitioners also exist and are highly useful, but these energy methods are easily adaptable for a beginner. 

The Body Code, Craniosacral Therapy, Foot Zoning, and My Perfection Healing are all energy methods used by a trained practitioner. They are highly beneficial and are useful when one needs deeper work that would benefit from the expertise of an experienced practitioner. My Perfection Healing goes to the root of the problem - false/limiting beliefs - removes them, and all associated damage, and then replaces it with a positive belief. This allows the client to move past issues that have stopped them from progressing further in their healing journey. 


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