Guest Author Leanna Christensen on the Alkaline Diet 

You Are What You Eat

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Did you know that eighty percent of your health is your diet? My name is Leanna Christensen, In 2005 my health and the health of my son were compromised. I had to come to terms with the fact that if I wanted to live a rich quality of life doing the things I love and keep my son around, I needed to do something different. We needed a diet makeover. Since then, I have transformed my family’s American standard diet into an energy busting whole food alkaline health plan. I have learned there is almost always a way to make any meal healthier and you don’t have to completely give up the foods you love to be successful. Health, in my opinion, is all about moderation: balancing your lifestyle, your plate, your emotion and basically living in harmony with yourself.

We live in an ever changing world where the food industry is constantly changing and our needs are heavily influenced by our fast paced lives. We are constantly on the go needing quick meals. Most food is packaged and heavily processed which means it is filled with chemicals like dyes, preservatives, MSG, etc. Genetically modified food is also on the rise making it hard for our bodies to take in the food and recognize it as such. If we want to live long healthy lives we need to be educated and take accountability for how we live and what we put into our mouths.

I would like to take a quick moment to thank the Crazy Herb Girl for allowing me the opportunity to share this article with you. I completely love her mission to educate the world and open the minds of people to true principles and all ways of healing. Everyone needs different ways of healing at various times in their lives and God provides them. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it by sharing my message.

Discovery and Transformation

My life changed when I discovered the Alkaline Lifestyle. In 2005 I was in and out of four doctors offices for about a six month period. I was finally diagnosed with a severe case of acid reflux ­ the kind that burned my entire throat and left me with a chronic cough and a very sore throat. I did not sleep well, I did not eat well, I always felt sick and lacked the energy to take care of my family. They wanted me to take medicine that had a warning list almost the length of the bottle and I could not get myself to take it, feeling it would only mask the symptom. My mother was so concerned she would soon send me articles on esophageal cancer, trying to change my mind about the medicine. I see more often than not, the people closest to me lack the faith in my ability to find answers outside of the box, playing into their own fears not mine. This only made me more determined to find the answers I was looking for. Soon after I found the book, “The PH Miracle” by Doctor Young. This book rocked my world! it was the answer I was looking for. I implemented the alkaline diet immediately and found almost complete healing within 2 months.

Since then, I have studied not only the alkaline diet but how the pH of a body directly influences the ability to take in the breath of life (oxygen) and nutrients. The pH has three main functions which are: 1)Control every metabolic function in our body 2) Determine how much oxygen we can take in 3) Control the enzyme reaction and electrical flow. So basically the pH determines how food is broken down, distributed, absorbed, one’s energy level and how hormones are produced and distributed to the body to help with all of these processes. Doesn't this seem important? Why isn’t this taught in schools to everyone? I discovered that the body is constantly monitoring and trying to balance its pH. This can be used as an indicator to tell us when our body is out of balance in any area: physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. If you can balance the pH of your body you will improve your health. Awareness of your pH will empower you to know what to do, what to eat and debunk all the popular myths about health and diets. You will be more self reliant and that feels AMAZING!!

What is the Alkaline Diet?

The alkaline diet consist of whole foods, organic and non­-GMO are the best. The most alkaline foods are the mineral rich foods such as: dark leafy greens, roots, nuts and seeds, foods ripened on the vine and my favorite, dates and figs. It is also important to include some acidic foods in a diet to strive for balance and give cells the energy to spin and take up the nutrients. The goal is to eat more alkaline food than acidic food. The 80/20 rule is my guideline when creating my plate of food: 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. The most acidic food is sugar; It is best not to eat refined sugar because this will create too much acid in the body which eventually creates inflammation and inflammation creates dis­ease. If the food is low in mineral content or man made it is most likely very acidic and would be best to stay away from it. You want to incorporate fruits to feed the brain with their natural sugar, for example: berries, pears, apples and melons. Other fruit like pineapple and papaya are great for breaking down foods like protein. I don’t count calories, fat grams or sodium. If you are eating whole foods they will provide the right amounts of nutrients to your body and the weight will fall off as you naturally rid your body of toxins. The best guide for me is the 80/20 rule I mentioned above to balance every plate I make. This rule is what allows you to eat foods you don’t really want to get rid of now and still move toward a healthier body, mind and spirit

You Can Do It!

I have been in that place of the unknown, not having the answers I needed and feeling like I didn’t know how to change or what to do. I know how this feels, it is a horrible place to be. But I am here to let you know that there is always a rainbow at the end of the storm. I was led down my path so that I can find my passion and talents in ZoneBalance, herbs, essential oils and understanding how the physical, mental and emotional bodies all play their role in healing the soul. It is a journey that I need to experience, a journey just for me to grow and become what God wants me to become. You have your journey too and my hope is that this article will bring you motivation, awareness and peace to take control of your life and your health. You can do it! 


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