Micronutrient Formulation (MMF)

Why is Micronutrient Formulation different than other supplements?

Micronutrient Formulation is different because its delivery system is not dependent upon your body digesting it.   This fact is revolutionary for those of us with gut issues or some other issue that makes it difficult for bodies to absorb nutrients, even when they are ingested. I was eating food that was healthy, whole, organic, etc, but my body still was not assimilating what I needed from it.  

This amazing formula takes its micronutrients from the natural source, pre-metabolizes them, and then they are in the identical molecular structure that is found in nature, and also identical to what your cells are utilizing at this very moment.  This formula is not required to go through digestion to be broken down - that means it can go directly into your blood stream and get to work. I have seen amazing results for those that have gut issues, as they are finally able to get the necessary micronutrients that they usually have such difficulty in metabolizing.

$25 million was spent in looking at exactly how all the nutrients worked together. They studied how the combination, quantity, and form (CQF) works synergistically to raise the body's most important disease fighting agent - glutathione.  If you have never heard of glutathione,  this article written by Dr. Hyman (who is not affiliated with Engage Global or MMF), is a great read to educate yourself on something that is so vitally important to your health. Glutathione deficiency is a common factor in almost ALL disease. 

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Dr. Milton Carroll's Conference Call 

MMF- Not Your Typical a Multi-vitamin - Click to listen - This is one of the best informational audios that explains the science behind why the Micronutrient Formulation is different than anything else available.  It is about 16 min. long. 

Dr. Hodson's 15 minute webinar

This is a very informative webinar detailing how MMF is so innovative and differs from other supplements.


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