My MMF Story - The Extended Version

Before I get into my MMF story, I should first introduce myself to let you know a little about my story, so that you can understand why I am so passionate about getting Micronutrient Formulation to as many people as possible.  You see, I love healing—ALL kinds.  I mean, I could live and breath just helping people get over physical illness, emotional heartache, mental frustration, and spiritual depression.  

I started my healing journey back in 2009.  I had just been diagnosed with a leaky gut and been told I needed to change my diet because I was so toxic.  I not only had physical issues, but all kinds of other forms of ill.  I was emotionally a wreck—lots of self-abuse coupled with anger and rage. I was a new homeschooling mom with 5 kids and I was harsh and controlling, with more than my share of limiting beliefs that kept me thinking I was a failure and always would be.  

A few weeks after my diagnosis, I came across some information about attending an herbal school online, The School of Natural Healing.  I had previously been fascinated with natural remedies and decided to enroll in the Family Herbalist course.  I truly believe that God led me to this class. Because of the knowledge that I would gain, my life would change dramatically.  For the first time in more than 10 years, I began to nourish and exercise my mind.  I loved the things I was learning about how the body worked—how it needed specific kinds of nutrition so that it could heal itself.  It was so logical!  Within a few months, I had transformed my family's eating habits to a plant based—vegan—diet. We are no longer vegans, but are definitely whole-foods, plant-based people. We were taking loads of concentrated nutrition in the capsules that I made with Dr. Christopher's Herbal Formulas. My mind started to clear and I stopped having aches and pains, and didn't wake up in a groggy fog!  I was also losing, on average, about 10 lbs a month with just diet, no exercise.  Looking back, I realize now, I followed a pattern that ebbed and flowed into all the healing realms: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This pattern is: Nourish, Strengthen, Cleanse, Heal

So many times, before my diagnosis, I had tried to make lasting changes—and I failed over and over again.  This seemingly proved to myself that I was, and always would be, a failure. What I couldn't see, was that I was missing crucial steps!  I tried implementing the correct changes, but I did not have enough strength to sustain them.  I was missing the Nourish and Strengthen steps, while going straight for the cleanse.

For the next several years, I continued to learn and grow in all kinds of healing modalities.  As I became empowered to change my faulty beliefs and let go of the emotional baggage that came from traumatic events, I also became freer to see who I really was and who I could become.  I loved sharing with others the epiphanies and truths that I had learned. Mentoring them fed me, and helped me to continue learning, growing, and sharing as the joy, peace, and enlightenment filled my life even more.  

Then a traumatic event happened in 2012 that I truly thought I could never come back from. I didn’t know if I could forgive, love, and trust this person again.  It is the hardest trial I have ever been through in my life.  A visit to a homeopathic doctor helped me see this was my “Abrahamic Trial”.  My test from God—Would I be able to pass it?  Could I allow myself to actually feel the depth of the black abyss, and climb back out and forgive?  It may sound trite, but it wasn’t. I knew that I should be admitted to a hospital because I was a danger to myself. Gratefully,the homeopathic remedy he prescribed helped me face what I was feeling, and my faith in my Savior gave me the courage to press on.

In my story,  we have arrived at the end of 2013.  Still dealing with gut issues, I had become toxic again and was in a major depression. I had regained almost all the weight I had lost.  I literally sat in my bed almost all day long (I would get up to use the bathroom or shower, occasionally).  I had just found out I was expecting my eighth child, and I felt overwhelmed and guilty for being so toxic and this plunged me further into depression. My children would bring me food and water and we would complete their school work on my bed. I was praying for an answer to help me get the strength to even get out of bed. I knew I didn't have the willpower to stick to eating a strict diet, or making all the herbal capsules again.  

One day, while browsing online, I saw a small ad for a class called Good Gut Bad Gut. The class was based on the use of homeopathy and the Banerji Protocols to help heal the gut and issues that accompany it. I signed up and once again I nourished my brain, and set out on a course that would change me.  I carefully studied which remedies would help me and after taking them only a week, I was out of bed, had more energy than in ages, and felt happy for the first time in months.  Homeopathy is now our most used "medicine" in our home, in combination with essential oils, the Body Code, and herbal remedies.

However,  fast forward a year later (Jan of 2015).  I still suffered from many physical issues because of my general toxicity. Although I no longer sat in bed all day, I hardly had the energy to exercise and was still very overweight after the birth of my baby.

One of the most painful things I dealt with was severe plantar fasciitis in my foot.  If I spent much time walking, by the end of the day I would be hobbling around because it felt so bruised. It literally felt like someone had taken a hammer to my heel and even though my Crocs (a soft padded shoe) were my constant companion, I was still in great pain. Nothing seemed to help it. Walking, the simplest form of exercise, was impossible for me.

Enter the Micronutrient Formulation!  In January 2015, I was traveling to Utah for the Winter Homeschool Conference and needed to pick up a friend at the airport.  I had the impression that I needed to stop and see a dear aunt and uncle.  Unfortunately, I had left my home later than planned and there would not be enough time. On the drive there, my friend called to say their flight had been delayed twice. Now there would be plenty of time to catch up with them!  I arrived and my aunt and uncle were not even there, but my cousin was, whom I had not seen for several years.  After visiting for quite some time, he asked if I had heard of the Micronutrient Formulation.  I actually had and was a little skeptical.  However, I had seen it muscle tested and it had a strong positive, and after seeing two video testimonials - my interest was piqued.  My cousin gave me and my husband a two week sample and I went on my way—willing to take it because it was only nutrition, with no drugs or synthetics, or any harmful additives.

I took the supplement that night and the next day. Saturday morning I also took a dose.  That was the day of the conference, and I was on my feet most of the day and even that night for a dance.  Much to my surprise, I realized that as I got back to the hotel that night, my foot was barely sore!  I knew that under normal circumstances, I would have been hobbling and wishing I had crutches.  I still wasn't completely convinced though.

I returned home to my family on Sunday. My husband left the next day on a 5 day trip to New Orleans, leaving me home with all 8 kids coming off of a weekend that I didn't get much sleep. Things did not bode well. 

As the days went on, I realized that I was calm and slower to anger. What?!? Yes, my mood was even better than normal!  I also slept incredibly well.  I NEVER sleep well when my husband is gone.   One day I had so much energy and felt so happy, I WANTED to work out.  "This is crazy!" I thought. I felt so good! I was doing squats, because I felt like it! 

It is important to note that the energy wasn't always there—sometimes I would be so exhausted in the middle of the day, I could hardly keep my eyes open. This wasn't a normal feeling of, "I need a nap."  It seemed my body was forcing me to rest so that it could have the time to rebuild.  I was sleeping more deeply every night. 

My husband returned and reported that he had felt a drastic reduction in his feelings of anxiety. He has battled anxiety and muscle tension nearly his whole life, and the calm he felt, amazed him.

The second week, my cleansing symptoms began, which are also known as the Herxheimer Reaction.  I noticed things weren't "moving out" like they usually did.  I also became aware that if I didn't get enough water to keep my body flushed, I would feel sluggish and achy.  My face became much more irritated, red, and blotchy as toxins worked their way out.  Because things were not moving out as well as they needed to, I knew I needed to take a tried and true herbal formula, LB (or Lower Bowel, by Dr. Christopher).  This herbal aid gives the nutrition to the bowel and keeps things moving out.  Unbelievably, I started to detox in the same way that I had in 2009. The difference was, I wasn't taking upwards of 30 pills a day! This time I just used the Micronutrient Formulation and the LB to make sure things had a clear pathway out.  I also added the Kidney Herbal Formula for a time as I felt my kidneys needed the added support the toxins that were working out of my body.

My husband asked me to explain how the Micronutrient Formula was so cleansing.  I explained that it isn't "cleansing per se"  It is that it so nourishing! As the body gets the nutrition that it so desperately needs, it strengthens.  As it fortifies, it finally has the power to eliminate all the toxins that, in an effort to protect the body, have been stored away to be dealt with later when the body is strong enough to sustain a deep cleanse.  An important thing to note: when the toxins become released into the body for elimination, all the emotions that accompanied those toxins when they were first stored away, are also released.  If they were not dealt with at the time of storage, someone that is cleansing will also experience these emotions. These emotions can be overwhelming at times, but it is incredibly vital to recognize how the cleansing process helps us in more ways than just physically; and when we start in one area, it spills into another, and we have the opportunity to grow and change in all realms of health (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual).

So where am I now, exactly 7 weeks later?(Mar 2015)  My little aches and pains are not there anymore, including ones that I felt in my abdomen after the birth.  That pain would flare up if I spent too much time on my feet.  My foot pain is nearly non-existent,  I sometimes forget to wear my Crocs. :-) I have great mental clarity, my energy is consistently high, and my mood is elevated and stable.  I find I have gobs more patience than I did before.  I have also lost 17 lbs. I have not come across anyone else that has had that happen, but I am not complaining ,lol!  I believe it is due to my increased energy and foot not hurting, so I am much more active.  I also eat a lot less because I don't suffer from the sugar cravings that I did before.

After researching the Micronutrient Formula, I learned the main reason that separates it from all other supplelments.  It is this...The nutrients are pre-metabolized from the natural source. This means that they are broken down to a point that they are molelcularly identical to what is found in nature, and to what is being used in your body RIGHT NOW.  This formula does not have to be digested. It can go directly into your bloodstream and get to work getting your body the much needed nutrition.  This is why I believe this formula has been so revolutionary for me.  Even though I strive to eat a whole foods plant based diet - my gut issues inhibit me from being able to absorb all the nutrients I feed my body - it simply cannot break them all down.  The Micronutrient Formula is already broken down for me and I feel miraculous changes in my body taking place because my cells are finally getting what they need!

So why spend the time to tell my story, just to talk about the Micronutrient Formula?  Well, if you have read this far you know what my passion is . . . Giving people the tools and encouragement to heal in all forms!  For years, people have come to sit on my couch and share their burdens. I have been blessed to see some miracles in people’s lives as they heal. The Lord has let me know in these last 7 weeks that I have a mission in life. I need to expand it to those that can’t come sit on my couch.  This group is the beginning of that, but I am also working on a website that is in its infant stage. ( As I have the time, I will be expanding it to include information about all the healing modalities I have used personally. The Micronutrient Formula is a part of my story and my mission, but not all of it.  My mission is to help you, yes you, the one reading right now.  You see, I may not know you, but God does, and He has told me to be vulnerable and real in the telling of my story, because that will give you the courage to start on your own journey or continue on the one you have already begun. Removing toxic things from our bodies and life is hard work and can be terrifying and overwhelming.  I can testify that even though those times were hard, the loving relationships, and peace I have now are all worth it. 

If you feel that the Micronutrient Formula is something that can help you, fantastic! I have found that it is important for someone to take it for at least a month to really be able to tell the difference.  They suggest you take it for a full 3 months to saturate your body and raise your glutathione levels (your body's most important molecule for preventing and fighting disease). If you sign up for the auto ship  ($65 for a month supply, and you can cancel at anytime) - I will give you $20 back to any Paypal account.  You are worth the money! 

Maybe you feel like your journey takes you elsewhere and the Micronutrient is not for you. I hope I can still help you in some way. If you have read this far, thanks for listening to me!  I’d like to give you a big hug right through the screen and let you know that I care about you, and so does God. :-) Hugs! Jenny - The Crazy Herb Girl

Update -May 2015:  I am still going strong and have lost about 5 more lbs. I have had one unpleasant 3 day sinus migraine that I had to fight off, it was preceded by serious hayfever symptoms (non-stop runny nose and sneezing).  I believe it was all due to cleansing and not just illness as there were some serious emotional issues that accompanied it.  As I dealt with those, the sinuses cleared and I felt lighter and cleaner than I have for many years. My hayfever symptoms also completely disappeared and I know the pollen didn't disappear from the air :-) Occasionally, I still have a twinge now and then in my foot from the plantar fasciitis, but I have mostly forgotten about it. 


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