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I absolutely loved this introductory book by Ina May. She is likely the wisest and most well known midwife and her knowledge is vast. There are lots of real life stories to give perspective. 

I took a Bradley Method class to prepare for  my first childbirth.  It helped me learn that birth is a normal, natural part of life - not an emergency.

This is guide on how to have natural childbirth with the husband as the coach. Explains the stages of labor based upon the mother's mood. 

This book helped me realize how important visualization is in creating a perfect birth. It helped me face my fears, let them go, and I had my perfect painless labor and delivery (#6).

This was one of the first homeopathic books that I bought and it has been fantastic. I bought it when I was pregnant with my 8th baby, and it helped with the pregnancy aches and pains. I have used it numerous times for my family, as well.

I have not read this book personally. I have, however, practiced hypno-birthing and found it very calming and helpful during labor.

I read this book to prepare for my own unassisted births (#'s 6 and 7). She is more of a cosmic believer vs. Christian, but I appreciated her belief in the mother's body to know instinctively how to safely birth her baby.

This is a Christian based book on having a birth without a trained professional. I enjoyed reading about her views and beliefs and it helped me spiritually plan for my 2 unassisted births.

This book is a handy little book to explain the basic mechanics about childbirth. You never know when you might have a baby in the car. Best be prepared!

This book has a small section on midwifery and childbirth. I found it very helpful for ideas on herbal aids for delivery and healing afterward.


These videos all contain nudity due to the nature of childbirth. I found them all helpful in their own right.  Mostly they show that the mother's body is made to labor efficiently and naturally. If she is given the proper nutrition, tools, environment, and support, the birth is going to be far safer and will need less intervention. 


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