The Wrong Remedy and the Antidote

I had just finished an online class called Good Gut Bad Gut taught by Joette Calabrese.  In her class, I had learned of a few remedies to help with childhood tantrums. At that time, my 2 year old daughter was in an extreme screaming/yelling/irrational phase and I wanted to bring her back to balance.  I felt like the remedy Chamomilla would be a good fit.  I followed the dose of 2 a day for her.  I started to notice that within the first 5 minutes of giving it to her, she would go into a full blown melt down.  On the third or 4th dose, I mentioned to my husband that I had suspicions it might not be the right remedy. I gave it to her again and we watched her carefully.  Sure enough, within 5 minutes, she was a blubbering mess.  I gave her one dose of Camphor, and the change was literally within seconds. She stopped screaming and bounced off to play.  Children seem to become balanced in a faster manner than adults when taking remedies, and it was fascinating to watch how it it was like an on/off switch in as she changed from one emotional extreme to another.


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