Why is MMF different?

I wanted to share the reasons that I have learned MMF is different than other supplements.  The first reason is that this supplement has, most likely, had more extensive research than any other supplement. Over $13 million ) and 7 years were spent by our government to test and create MMF for our soldiers. In total, over $25 million was spent in developing MMF.  The sole purpose of the government's research was to answer the question, "Can we protect the soldiers from the inside out?" Our brave service men and women are 4 times more likely to suffer from illness and disease.  The military wanted something that would protect the soldiers from radiation, toxic chemicals and other pollutants, and from the stress of combat. The researchers targeted raising the body's own glutathione - our best weapon against illness and disease. They went about doing this by developing a micronutrient formula that is chemically identical to what is being used by our cells right now, so that this perfect combination can raise glutathione levels and neutralize free radicals without the need for digestion.

Dr. Haase has studied micronutrition for 18 years, and his company Premier Micronutrient Corporation was the one the government sought out to perform this extensive research.  PMC (collaborating with many governmental research agencies, including NASA) spent years finding the best ratio, quantity, and form of micronutrients/minerals and antioxidants to become the supplement that is MMF.  This supplement was tested not only in the lab, but 11 animal tests were completed, and 9 human trials were held.  Yes, a supplement that has had 9 human trials with fantastic results! Two were with active duty soldiers. According to Dr. Haase, this supplement has been the only one allowed to be tested on active duty military. Check out the Clinical Trials document in Files to read more about the research that was done. 

In the Natural Form document, it explains why Dr. Haase decided to use the natural ISOform of the micronutrients instead of the natural source. It is because natural ISOforms (taken from natural sources, such as a carrot) can be standardized and all known contaminants (pesticides, heavy metals, hormones, environmental pollutants, etc) are eliminated.  For further information on this, please refer to the Natural Form document in Files. 

The ISOforms of the micronutrients are able to be standardized to ensure the necessary nutrition and are pre-metabolized so that the ingredients have the ability to be in the blood stream within minutes and do not need to be digested. 

Oxidative stress (free radicals) and inflammation are the buzz words in health today. But what is oxidative stress and why is it so bad? After I watched several of the videos and presentations on MMF, I finally understood the significance of this simple concept:

 Oxidative stress (free radicals) is causal in almost ALL disease.

 MMF has been clinically validated to show effectiveness and safety. It can protect tissues and systems from oxidative stress by neutralizing it. Please take a minute to let that settle in your mind.  Understand the significance of having the ability to protect against something that is causal in almost all disease.  

I can't go into further detail because although MMF was subjected to rigorous testing by different governmental agencies, the FDA has not evaluated it and does not accept that research. This supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

One may also notice that there is no Iron, Copper, or Manganese in MMF.  Through research they found that Vitamin C reacted negatively with these metals and actually CAUSED oxidation.  Please check to make sure your own supplement is not actually causing you to have more free radicals by combining Vitamin C with any of those metals.  

The last thing to understand about MMF is that it is geared toward elevating the body's own glutathione.  This is the body's own best anti-oxidant.  To read more about Glutathione, one of the most important molecules in your body to protect against disease, go to this blog post - Dr. Mark Hyman is not affiliated with MMF or Engage Global. http://drhyman.com/blog/2010/05/19/glutathione-the-mother-of-all-antioxidants

 For a deeper understanding of the science behind MMF you can watch a presentation given by Dr. Haase. It is the 4th video as you scroll down on the following website: www.mmfinaction.com/videosmedia


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