Carest Thou Not that We Perish?

About a week ago, I was reading through the 4th chapter of Mark where it discusses the event of the great tempest on the Sea of Galilee when the Savior slept and His apostles feared for their lives.  

I have often wondered, how in the world could the Savior sleep through such a tempest and how uncaring it seems as He rebukes them for having little faith?  I have never felt like any of that story made much sense, other than the fact that He had the power to calm the tempest.

For family scriptures the next evening, we decided to watch the corresponding Bible video. While watching, the meaning of it all became crystal clear to me. Maybe others have long understood this meaning, but to me, it was revelatory!

As the storm came up, I am sure the apostles diligently tried to do things on their own, perhaps not wishing to bother the Lord with their burdens, possibly thinking the storm would surely die down. And yet, the storm continued to worsen, the men struggled to stay afloat, and then finally they actually feared they would die. Only then in exasperation, frustration, and fear do they call unto the Lord for His aid. Doesn't He even care? How can He ignore their plight? And then comes the rebuke, "And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?"

The question came to me, "Why did they wait so long to awaken Him?" Couldn't they have used His help before?  Were they trying to prove they could do it on their own?  Like a little toddler stating emphatically, "I wanna do it myself!" Or it may be that or some reason they believed  they would be annoying the Lord in their plight, that they should not wake Him for something so trivial, only to find it was not trivial at all?

The Lord had the power to calm the seas at any point during this storm. He only waited as long as He did, because no one had requested His help!

How often in frustration and exasperation, do I call on the Lord to help while I am nearly drowning in stress, worry, and burden. I finally plead for His help only when the misty winds from the storm so cloud my vision that I cannot see the way ahead to the shore. How much better would it be, if I simply called upon Him continually, always sharing my burdens with Him, asking for Him to calm the stormy seas in my life so that I may clearly see the path before?

I find myself again and again without the requisite faith in the Atonement to alleviate my burden. I must internalize the truth that he Lord is always willing to allow me to cast my burdens upon Him, His yoke is easy, His burden is light.

I pray I will not ask, "Carest thou not that I perish?" in times of stress, but instead, that I may enjoy the relative peace that comes from calling upon the Lord at all times and casting my fears and worries on the Lord so that He may calm the stormy seas in my life. He has always had that power, I just have to ask for it in faith.


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