Contest Rules

Energy Healing - Skeptic to Believer Contest Rules

  1. You may enter as many well written 250+ word entries as you would like, as long as they involve you or an immediate family member and are unique and true occurrences, and not copied from any other website.
  2. Deadline for submission is Aug. 15, 2015 at midnight. Entries submitted after that date will not be included in the contest.
  3. After the deadline, a panel of judges will pick the top 3 stories. Entries with appropriate accompanying images will be looked on more favorably, but an accompanying image is not necessary to be in the top 3. Any accompanying image must be owned by the submitter of the story and will remain their property - though they grant permission for me to use it on my website.
  4. After the top 3 are chosen there will be one full week of voting allowed by visitors to my site. Make sure to let friends and family know about your entry!
  5. The author of the story with the most visitor votes after 1 week (deadline TBD), will be chosen as winner and will be offered the choice of either a $100 gift certificate to Amazon or $100 to a Paypal account of their choice.


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