Craniosacral Therapy

July 10, 2012 blog post about my visit to a Craniosacral therapist in hopes of alleviating pain coming from a car accident during which I was pregnant.

My intro to Craniosacral Therapy

I've been getting Craniosacral Therapy from a certified CST (Craniosacral Therapist) due to the car accident and the pain stemming from it.   I cannot say enough how beneficial this has been for me. I was first introduced to CST by my Brother in-law.  I was pretty skeptical that it would help. - I know. Me? Skeptical? Yes, even nutty Jenny can be skeptical, lol!

At that time, I was pregnant with my 5th child and I was around 8 months pregnant and having a lot of pain whenever I would step with my left foot.  It felt like my hip and pelvis were being shoved up into my spine...

After my BIL examined me, he said that was exactly what I was feeling.  He did several different things on me, and afterward I could not deny that I felt like a million bucks!  Not only was the pain gone, but I had also had lower back pain since I had given birth to my oldest around 8 years earlier. I could never stand still for very long because of the pressure that it put on my lower spine.  It was always a dull pain that was there, and I believed it was just a symptom of having given birth and it would always be there. BUT... it was gone! You have no idea how much this changed how I felt!  To be in chronic pain, and then to feel the absence of it was so freeing!

The Car Accident

Fast forward to the accident this last April.  The pain of stepping with my right foot was now the problem.  During the accident, I was literally standing on the brake when we hit the other van and it jammed my hip and pelvis into my spine, and the same type of pain was back that didn't allow me to stand still for very long.  That constant dull pain was back, and it made me mad!

I finally made an appointment for craniosacral therapy with a fantastic woman who is Christian and emotionally intuitive.--

Before I go on I want to explain a little about what craniosacral therapy is.  There are actually 3 rhythms in the body, the pulse, respiration, and the craniosacral rhythm. Hopefully I'm understanding this correctly - but the brain actually has the craniosacral rhythm in its fluid that circulates around the body and its tissues.  This pulse can be manipulated by touch.  So if you go to a CST therapist, it might feel like they are just putting their hands on you and doing almost nothing. This is far from the truth!  They are very gently moving that rhythm so that they can manipulate the tissues in your body to balance and move them to the correct location. There is no popping or cracking, just very gentle pressure and slight movement.  

What is fascinating to me, is that so many of our emotions are locked up in the actual TISSUES of our bodies.  As I worked yesterday on just being able to accept the reality of my situation (and the emotions that accompany it),  I wanted to be emotionally ready for my body to release the tension that it was holding.  And holy cow, did my body release! She spent almost the entire 2 hours on just my right lower back and leg.  After we were done, she asked me how long it had been since my right leg had been relaxed.  I didn't really feel much or understand what she was talking about until I got down off the table. My leg was free of tension and pain!   It felt good. I still have some remaining issues in my lower spine on both my right and left side, but I feel so much better.  Before the session, I was feeling like I normally do at 9 months pregnant, waddling and barely able to move.  Today I feel like I'm 7 months pregnant! Waddling, but not exactly a beached whale.

Craniosacral Therapy and the Baby!

The really cool thing was she asked permission to see if she could see if the baby needed to do anything concerning the accident.  Now normally when my baby moves, I get 3-4 big movements. This baby was moving like crazy as soon as she put her hands on my belly!  Baby moved constantly for more than a minute or two.  Baby was definitely present and part of the session :-) As baby moved, a lot of my back shifted as well and released more of what it was holding.

Today, I'm not completely pain free, but I'm feeling much better, and emotionally, tons better!  I only wish I didn't have to wait another month to get my next appt!  She is booked solid until then :(


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