EFT (Tapping) and Feeling Like a Horrible Mother

by Jenny Rosengren

I thought I would start with my own story of how I came to believe that Energy work is of God. This first experience starts with my husband introducing me to Emotional Freedom Technique or "Tapping". He is a psychologist and is always looking for effective alternative methods in contrast to the normal "talk therapy".

I was resistant to try EFT because it was just odd. I didn't know a lot about energy lines and meridians and EFT uses tapping on the meridians while vocalizing acceptance and love of one's self despite feeling negative feelings toward one's self.

He had encouraged me several times to just try it, and I watched some videos of people with amazing results, but I was still resistant.

Then one day, I had a horrible, no good, bad day! I felt that I had to be one of the worst mothers and was really feeling down on myself.

I can remember sitting up in my bedroom and the thought came to try this weird tapping thing. I figured it couldn't hurt. So as I started tapping I vocalized, "Even though I am a terrible mother, I fully love and accept myself."

Instantly I felt as if a flood of loving energy cascaded down from the crown of my head and then filled my entire body. I started weeping. I overwhelmingly felt God's love for me and it was not dependent upon whether or not I was a terrible (or good) mother. It just WAS, because I am HIS.

I will forever be grateful that this was my introduction to energy healing so I that I could know that all that is good and uplifting flows from Him.

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