Gift Of Healing

Up until a few months ago, the definition of the "gift of healing" for me personally was my ability to share and teach others about modalities that differed from traditional western medicine. I attended the School of Natural Healing, taken Holistic Iridology courses, studied homeopathy and learned many of the Homeopathic Banerji Protocols, as well as some energy modalities such as EFT (tapping) and Emotion/Body Code and have been introduced to Craniosacral work and my husband works with a physiologically based psycho-therapy called Somatic Experiencing. I also have regular sessions of foot zoning done. 

Since I started my own healing journey in 2009, all of these modalities have brought about great changes in my life. I firmly believe that God has created so many ways to bring balance, because we are in so many different situations in our lives and in varying degrees of faith in being able to apply the Atonement to bring about the harmony of our bodies and spirits. 

With each of the different modalities that I was introduced to, I carefully studied and prayed about them to see how they fit into the Lord's gospel. I did not want to be deceived in any way. The method I had the most difficulty accepting was, by far, the Emotion Code. It was introduced to me back in 2010. Back then I didn't know of any one else that had even heard of it, and it was just WEIRD!

Muscle testing and then rolling some magnets down my back and then "releasing" the emotion with intention made me question, "Just where does the Atonement fit into all of this anyway?" It seemed too easy, too simple. 

I felt impressed to still be open and continued to pray for guidance. One day I was sitting in Sunday School and the lesson was on the woman with the issue of blood. The Spirit bore powerful witness to me that this was the key to why the Emotion Code was effective. Her FAITH is what had made her whole. Obviously, touching Christ's garment had not been what had healed her. Therefore, in the Emotion Code, the person's intention was simply their faith, and the power by which they were healed was the Atonement. I soon gained a much deeper understanding of the Atonement.

Up until this time, I had gained an incorrect belief that to be repentant and to gain access to the Atonement, I needed to suffer and beat myself up for a while before I could be worthy enough to pray for forgiveness. The Emotion Code helped me understand that this wasn't necessary. Jesus Christ had already suffered and if I had enough faith and it was His will, my body and spirit could be healed by my faith in Him. Too easy, too simple? As with most things in the gospel, I had been making it too complicated and missed the simple sweet answer that, yes, my faith in Jesus Christ alone could make me whole (eventually). 

I decided that it was important that I get certified in the Emotion Code and soon completed that and then completed all the requirements for the Body Code, but neglected to hand in all my certification materials. 

There was a time when I was overcome with fear and did not want to share this new found knowledge with others. It was crazy sounding, I was already feeling a little bit of an outcast in my ward, this was going to make me a complete odd ball. 

The Lord gave me a dream at this time. It was symbolic, as most of mine are:

It was very late at night and there was someone insistently pounding on my front door, as if they were in danger or in great need of help. It frightened me and I hesitated to open the door or even approach it because I feared for my safety. When the door went unanswered, the person moved to my picture window and began pounding on the window. At this time, I could see that it was a young woman from my ward and she looked to be in great emotional pain. The Spirit bore witness to me that I must be unafraid in my ability to help her and that I should open the door immediately. At this time, I awoke and I knew that the young woman represented the people that I needed to help and that only I could be the one to open the door because at the time I was the only one with this knowledge. I, of course, continued my study of the Emotion/Body Code and have shared it with many people over these last years.

Working with clients while learning the Emotion/Body Code became one of the greatest times of spiritual growth in my life (second to my mission). As I worked with clients, I lost my fear of praying in front of people. I always requested to pray before we began, whether they were religious or not. I constantly sought guidance from the Spirit in my life and in theirs so that I could aid them in healing through the Atonement. I taught them that instead of using "intention" I chose to pray and ask Christ's help in removing whatever issue was there and if a negative emotion left, I asked for that void to be filled with Charity so that I was literally filling my body with the love of Christ. It soon became my fervent desire that all who would be around me, would feel my love for them and never any judgement from me. I found this had an added blessing for me - I felt safer and happier in situations that I had previously felt uncomfortable and anxious because I was filled with love for others instead of worrying about how they viewed me. 

Last Oct, out of the blue, I had a brief vision. We were traveling in the car and coming home from a vacation at my parents' home. All of a sudden, I saw something like a brief video clip in my mind's eye. I was kneeling in front of someone and they were obviously injured. I saw that I had my hands placed on their knee and I was clearly helping them. Not in a physical way like splinting, but just holding my hands and with deep concentration focusing on their knee. 

This was very confusing and, to be honest, extremely frightening. I have never been a "hands on" person. It terrifies me. I love sharing my knowledge, but it has always been vocally and not physical in anyway. I immediately told my husband what I had seen and that I had no idea what it meant. I shuddered to think that it might mean I needed to learn to bring balance by way of physical touch. I just didn't DO that, nor did I have any desire to do it. 

Over these last several months, I have been open to the Lord to interpret exactly what this vision means. As I said, I have symbolic dreams, but this vision felt different, it felt literal. I am not looking to be glorified, or seen as someone really special. I feel as if the Lord is refining me and telling me to be bold in speaking my heart, so please respect that. Maybe there are others that are struggling as I have been in how exactly they are supposed to accomplish something that seems nigh impossible. But I know that nothing is impossible with the Lord. 

One thing I have to interject before I go on - in the Body Code one is taught that with intention (or faith) you can balance organs in your body or even move bones or tissue to their correct placement. Unless there has been a serious injury or malfunction has occurred, our body's muscles obey us, correct? So why then do we believe that we cannot control our other functions as well? Our hearts? The function of our kidneys or liver? Are they not also a part of our body that we have been given dominion over? For some reason, I had always felt like my body was a separate part of me that I would never have control over...that somehow it was more like a prison than a temple. My spirit was the slave and my body the master. It could malfunction or control me as it pleased. That just didn't seem like it was true anymore. The Spirit testified to me that as my faith in my ability to utilize the Atonement grows more fully and I learn to exercise dominion over my entire body, it will no longer be the master.

So now back to my vision. I now believe that it was literal in that physical touch is the next step for me to learn to bring harmony to others. I have asked if there is anywhere I need to study or further my education in some way. This time He has simply told me to follow Him. He will let me know when to use it and so far it has only been with my husband and daughter. There have been no miraculous things, and right now I know I am in my infancy with this, so I don't expect that there will be any really amazing things happening, at least until I become a better master of my own flesh. I still struggle with many issues, as we all do. But as my faith in my Savior grows I know my ability to better serve Him will also grow. 

I have learned a new definition for a miracle - Something that exceeds our expectations.  This really changes my perception of miraculous! God does things all the time that exceed my expectations. With my faith in Jesus Christ, I know that I can exceed my  expectations and others' expectations as well! 

Right now, my greatest struggle is being bold in what He has told me declare. That I believe the gift of healing is something that the Lord still bestows upon people today. We are all capable of acquiring it through our faith in His infinite Atonement, and through our faith we will bring about miracles (things that exceed our expectations). 


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