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I started my training with The School of Natural Healing, and it was the perfect beginning for me.  I took the online Family Herbalist class and it gave me a basic understanding of how the body works, how disease starts and the different herbal supplements to take for various maladies. If you click through this link you can save $100 off of the Family Herbalist class so it is only $195 instead of $295. Everything is done online and you have 3 months to finish the class. I found 3 months was more than ample time and I started the next classes before that 3 months was up! 

Family Herbalist Link for $100 discount

Dr. Christopher's Herbal Supplements

Amazon.com has a plethora of formulas from Dr. Christopher. I highly recommend the Lower Bowel Formula, Kidney Formula, Liver and Gall Formula, and the Blood Stream Formula. These are work to nourish and strengthen the organs.  These 4 formulas are all part of Dr. Christopher's extended herbal cleanse. I also love the Complete Bone and Tissue Formula.  I need to write a dedicated post to this amazing blend  the incredible things that have happened in our family because of its use. 

Below is a link to Amazon.com and a search that has these formulas listed so that you can learn more.

Dr Christopher's Formulas on Amazon


Click on the colored text to be taken to the books on Amazon.com

School of Natural Healing

I love this book. It has almost all of the recipes for Dr. Christopher's formulas so that you can make them yourself and save money!

Herbal Home Health Care

This book has so much information in it concerning the different illnesses we deal with.  It offers many recipes and herbal aids to restore health.

The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook: A Home Manual

If you are interested in making any type of herbal tincture, oil, salve, etc. This is the book for you!

An Herbal Legacy of Courage

This book is a biography of Dr. Christopher. I enjoyed reading about his life and struggles to be a great healer in service of his fellow man.

Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game, a cooperative board game

This game is a favorite of my children. They have gained so much knowledge. Shortly after they started playing it, my six year old became fascinated with herb identification and used the "Weeds of the West" to walk around outside and tell me what we had in the yard!

Weeds of the West

This is book was so useful to me when I was first learning to identify herbs.  Obviously, not all the weeds described therein are medicinal, but it contains photos of the weeds in different stages and those made identification much easier. 

Bulk Herbs 

I frequently purchase from Starwest Botanicals. They have an even larger inventory of herbs and supplies, and also offer conventional herbs that are cheaper because they are not organic.


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