MMF Video and Written Testimonials

This couple credits the Micronutrient Formulation with saving their marriage. Bailey suffered for years with neuropathy pain and depression.

This is Marty, one of the first people that was introduced to the Micronutrient Formulation. He was a Type 2 diabetic, has narcolepsy and cataplexy.  Watch to see what the supplement did for him!

Click this link to see a video of a military veteran that suffers from PTSD and how MMF affected him.

From Patti Jo in Idaho:

k- i had to share- because of the kindness of a very wonderful couple, i have been able to try the MMF supplements for a few weeks now. i have had a few days where my intestines act like they are trying to work but then everything comes to a standstill for 6-8 days. not sure what is going to happen in that area, but i am hopeful.-- now for some exciting news.-- i just walked 2 miles by myself, faster than i have ever walked, without my stroller for balance, and i DID NOT STUMBLE! not even once. for me this is BIG. - even after my back surgery, i still have some nerve damage in my left leg. i have walked 3 miles at the most, for one time but that was with my stroller.- and every time i have tried to push myself harder without it, i have always stumbled and a few times plowed out. a few times this week, i thought it was just wishful thinking that i might be walking better.-- today i decided to push myself- now I KNOW. - something real is happening.- not sure how long it will take to fix all that is wrong, but my hope is that i will have the means and be able to continue taking these supplements.-- i was planning on waiting until i was all fixed to talk about my experiences, but i just couldn't.-- thank you!

From Aimee B. in Colorado:

Actually I'm feeling amazingly better! I have had unbelievable energy since yesterday and especially today and I'm still "sick" meaning I sound sick and have symptoms but I feel great and can't believe how much energy and clarity of mind I've had. Plus my memory has been really good which is interesting because normally I can't remember a lot of things and get easily distracted. All I can say is wow I'm sold on it Jenny, this supplement speaks for itself, all you really have to do is just test it out.
I've never had this great of results from anything I've ever taken. I know I was skeptical thanks for being patient with me. Honestly I was hoping it wouldn't make a difference because I didn't want to spend the money. But it's well worth it to me now.

From Daisy S. in Montana:

I can buy one month right now. I noticed how tired I've become since I haven't taken it. I didn't notice positive changes before since I really wasn't watching but I noticed after I ran out of the complimentary supply. Thanks, Jenny!

From Hannah R. in Utah,

I have been a part of [a] group, read the information, watched the video's and took the plunge into MMF. I have been taking MMF for 3 weeks now. I was hoping for relief from pain in my feet, leg, and Hip. I had watched the videos and was really hoping I wouldn't be the one person it didn't help. When I started taking it, everything in my body hurt. My Arthritis was really bad, and my feet hurt so much I had to take a lot of pain pills to just stand on them. I was also recovering from surgery and I was very tired. I have to function with 6 people still at home. I was hit first week with the Herx effect, I was roller coaster emotional! I was not really productive that week, I kept pushing through. I had a lot of emotional issues I had buried that came bursting out and had to talk through many things with my husband. The second week was still a little emotional, but I started to notice a physical change. The change was AWESOME! I realized my feet were not my main focus any more. I realized that although I could hear my joints clicking, I only felt pain in them on occasions I stepped wrong. I could walk with minimal pain. The foggy head I had had before my surgery was clear. Having completed the third week, I had a morning last week where my anxiety was super high, and I was very emotional. (I don't like being emotional) I was able to think about my issue and realize I was anxious because of conflict in my family. I was able to talk to those involved and help them come to an agreement. I didn't just ignore it. I have had the energy to keep up with my family, and I don't need to take a nap just to be able to make dinner. I was able to make my daughter's prom dress during the MMF trial, and it turned out great. I do some times have a strange sort of feeling in my intestines. The craziest day was one where I had been up and down with the family all night, and decided I needed a Dr. Pepper to get functioning. My body wasn't used to that, and it was expelled as soon as possible. (TMI sorry.) I have found that MMF has decreased my cravings for food. I eat when I need to but I am not in the mood for ice cream, or second helpings. It has helped with my joint pain and cleared my foggy head. I have addressed conflicts I didn't want to face, but we all survived and are still speaking to each other. I noticed one day recently that I was walking faster than my daughter. I have been slowed down by my joint pain for so long that I was always the last member of the family to get anywhere. I was so excited to see that I was moving faster than I had been for years! I still have hay fever, so in three weeks it isn't a cure all. But I have to say I feel better than I expected and I am grateful for the energy and relief from pain. I was noticing these things last night and realized I needed to get on the auto ship so I don't run out. Thank you Jenny, for the opportunity to experience this. I appreciate your candor and the experiences you have shared. I know that everyone is different in how they will react to this. I had read other's stories and so I was "looking" for my own reactions. I still had to have muscle therapy to put one of my arches in a foot back in place, but I was able to be down to that one spot for focus of pain. Not my back, not my hips, not my legs. I recall the one video where a lady said she used to sleep on one hip until it hurt too bad and then wake up and turn to the other hip. That was me too. I am only 45 but my body broke down 13 years ago. I went to sleep the other night and it was so nice to realize it wasn't my hips that woke me up. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience this supplement. I have seen a great change in my life. I want to continue this adventure, and I hope that my body will continue to function this well at least, any improvements will be greatly appreciated. I appologize if my post is too long, but I wanted to let you know how my adventure has gone. Good luck to those of you who also travel this path.


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