No Alternative Healing for Me!

by Aimee Benefield - Owner of Warrior Events and Author/Teacher of “Warrior of Light Training"
(Grand Junction, CO)

Jenny Rosengren has had a profound impact on my life! As a friend and as a mentor/teacher. She is honest, open, and truly, deeply cares about the health, healing and the complete well-being of others. She is one of the most intuitive and inspired people that I know. Like all of us she is not perfect yet, but she has an image in her mind of what that looks like and seeks to help others have that image in their mind as well so they can picture what they are truly striving for…how can you become what you cannot see in your mind?

Jenny can help others to create that image so that they can start working towards it in healthy, incremental ways. Truly perfection or becoming like our Savior is THE journey of a lifetime! But if we want to become who we are meant
to become we all must make that journey.

How did I come to know Jenny?

I was led to her. The Lord brought her into my life. I knew the first time I met her that we were going to connect in some way though I didn’t know what that would entail. One of our first interactions she was sharing about using a modality called “Homeopathics” with her son. That it was the only thing that had helped him. I immediately put up a wall as she was speaking to me because I had past negative experiences with an individual who used holistic health practices and muscle testing and because of that past experience I completely closed myself off from anything in that genre. Even herbs!! I was too scared of getting deceived or “off” again that I wanted nothing to do with any of that. When people would talk about essential oils I would also put up a wall. After that experience I kinda kept myself distanced from Jenny. She had done nothing wrong, my fear was the problem. I was kind to her as I am to everyone but I didn’t really allow myself to get close to her or get to know her. That went on for quite awhile.

What changed that?

My 3rd child has had severe issues since birth with her stomach and with anger and anxiety among several other things, she was about as close as you could get to autistic without being autistic. I had searched for ways to help her and was prompted by the Spirit that I was not to put her on medication. (That’s not to say that others shouldn’t do that, this is only my personal experience so please don’t feel the need to defend what you have been inspired to do. I respect all forms of healing and help.) But I was told many times that I was not to medicate her.

Well things hit a head in her health where she was getting up several times a night with severe stomach pain, and the lack of sleep and anger and lashing out at others was so great, that my husband said,in essence,"You get her what she needs to get better or get her medicated."

Now back up a few weeks from that moment…Several weeks before he had given me that ultimatum (based on his love and desire to help his daughter), I had been prompted repeatedly to, “Go See Jenny.” It came to me nightly as I was up with my sweet little girl doing everything I could think of to help her.

I ignored those promptings because I knew she was into holistic health. And I was afraid. After my husband put his foot down (which I will be forever grateful that he did!) I felt the Spirit prompt me once again, “Go See Jenny!” So I asked her if I could meet with her and of course she said yes! She is amazing like that. So that night I took my daughter to see her and within a few moments of talking she had made several recommendations to me of things to use on her. I wrote them down. And she even gave me a few of her remedies to try right away. At the very beginning of our conversation she also noticed and sensed a need in me. She asked me how I was doing and said, "You look very stressed, weighed down and overwhelmed…" Then she asked me to take a remedy which I did skeptically. We continued working with my daughter and about 30 mins. later she asked me how I felt…I wasn’t thinking about myself so I had to evaluate myself for a moment…I was very surprised to see that I felt amazing! I felt lighter and happier and less weighed down than I had felt in a very long time…

I had a very busy stressful calling in my church at the time, in addition to the many demands of being a mother to 6 children. I was amazed at how much that simple remedy had relaxed me and helped me feel better.

So I took my daughter home and the next day purchased the needed remedies. We began using them right away. It worked!!! She slept through the night that night and has been ever since. She no longer complains about her stomach and her anger and anxiety levels have dropped dramatically because she is sleeping!! I only had to give her the remedies when she needed it and that was about three days! Every now and then when she is stressed I give her something. These remedies won’t hurt you and you can’t get addicted to them and you only take them until the problem goes away! I was sold. My kids and I switched over to Homeopathic remedies practically overnight! I have been amazed at the peace I feel in knowing I have answers when my kids are not well. I purchased my own book and use it as a guide as well as intuition to help my family.

This was the beginning of many catalysts of positive change in my life of wellness and I have had several other major
ones since then and almost every time it starts with the Spirit whispering to me, “You need to go see Jenny” Ever time I hear that now I know that a change is coming for me and they have all been for the betterment of myself and my loved ones.
I can’t thank Jenny enough for being willing to do what she is inspired to do and for being brave enough to share the gifts that she has been given. With Deep Gratitude and Love, Aimee Benefield

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Aug 15, 2015
Wow, thanks my friend!
by: Jenny

I could write something just as amazing about Aimee! If you are interested in the fantastic program she has created to strengthen families and individuals, go to!

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