Quantum Touch

Out of all the different energy modalities I have had performed on me, or practiced myself, Quantum Touch has been the coolest, funnest  (yes, I know that is not a "word" ;- ), and it is extremely effective.

The basic idea of Quantum Touch is that when you inhale, you breathe in Life Force Energy/Light/Power of the Atonement and when you exhale, you focus and move it out through your hands for hands on work, or out through your heart for those being worked on from a distance. Different breathing techniques aid in having stronger effects in the movement and force of the energy.

There are two elements of Quantum Touch that really resonate with me because I believe in Christ and believe that everything good in our life here on earth comes from Him.  Therefore, a modality (Quantum) that states that everyone has the ability to "run energy" rings true to me. I believe God allows all people to access His love and Light to bless others when done with the highest intent for good. The second element is that Quantum Touch teaches that a practitioner is not "The Healer."  The body/subconscious of the client is the healer and as a QT practitioner we only supply the additional energy and the body heals itself.  

There is no force in Quantum Touch, and love/light/energy is a powerful healer when the subconscious chooses to heal itself. 

I choose to pray whenever I begin a session, whether the client is present or not. I ask for my mind to be open to whatever this person needs and that He will enlighten me to know how best to help them.  I did not add this step until I finished my Level 1 class, and I believe that my ability to help others is greatly magnified when I enlist the Spirit as my guide. 

My job as a student (and soon to be practitioner) is to bring the highest vibration energy possible to the client so that the body can utilize it to heal itself. Of course, a session is only as effective as the body is accepting of that energy, so I assume and request, if possible, that the client allow their body to welcome the additional energy. 

The thing that I like the very best about Quantum Touch is that other than what I have mentioned...there are no rules!  There are no limits on what one can do while being open to inspiration for what someone needs.  I have found that as I have prayed I feel a certain pull, or a thought comes into my mind and I follow it. I like to do the work with my eyes closed because I can focus better. The really cool thing is that as I have followed my intuition I actually see things with my eyes closed. Shapes, lights, or colors, for example, play in my mind's eye. This helps lead me to know what the body is needing. Maybe something needs to be energetically connected or, there is some kind of emotional need that can be balanced. It is completely different with every single client.

I love working with Quantum Touch so much because I get the benefits from sending that high vibration energy. It fills me up! Unlike earlier modalities, I would need to shield myself from the negative energy or suffer, as it brought my vibration down. With Quantum Touch,  I feel better than when I started working on the client!


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