School of Natural Healing

My healing journey started when I was told by a good friend who was a naturopath that I had a problem with a leaky gut. At this time, about 6 years ago, I was overweight, overwhelmed, and depressed. It was clear I needed to heal, and for me it all began with my body.


I felt inspired to educate myself about herbs. I took the Family Herbalist course from the School of Natural Healing and it was awesome – like candy for my brain! I think I inherited a love of all things alternative from my maternal grandma (who everybody, including me, thought was crazy at the time – LOL).

The whole mindset of  nourishing the body with the whole plant resonated with me from the start. The School of Natural Healing was founded by beloved pioneer herbalist Dr. Christopher.

I've since earned the title of Nutritional Herbologist from the School of Natural Healing and would recommend this online school to anyone. If you feel led to study herbs more in depth, you can go all the way up to Master Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing. 

I choose to buy bulk herbs from two companies and their links can be found on the bottom of every page on my site. Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite and Starwest Botanicals is a close second.

If you are looking for prepackaged herbal supplements, I really love the company Pure Formulas because they offer free shipping and you can also check out My Crazy Herb Girl Store to see my favorite Dr. Christopher products through Amazon. Look on the left, after you click the link, to see the list of Herbal Healing formulas.


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