Survivalist Homepathy

Are you a prepper? Are you preparing for the worst, but you have loved ones that need medication that may be hard to get during a crisis?  

Homeopathy is a safe, effective, and economical alternative to medicine - and you may just decide it is even more effective!

Joette Calabrese is offering an online Survivalist Guide to Homeopathy class that teaches specific remedies for many different crisis situations. I just signed up for this class. My family's health is worth the money, and I feel a responsibility as a healer to know how to help others. Click here to watch a short video, made by Joette, on prepping for a disaster.  

Highlights of the Course

  • 386 pages of easy to follow protocols, instructional how-to guides, detailed resources, the how-to in the field treatment, and survival guide.
  • Four two-hour live, interactive PowerPoint webinars with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Watch live, ask questions, save, review, understand principals, and perform with confidence.
  • Private website access. All course material on-demand anytime, day or night, for instant review
  • Printable copies of the PowerPoint slides, so you can keep your notes right with the slides
  • Access to the webinar video for on-demand viewing at any time up to one year after your purchase of the guide.
  • Access to our private insider forum for robust discussions with fellow students, as well as students from my other online courses. This forum is actively monitored by my staff and me.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This is a list of what will be in the guide that is included with the class (copied from her website):

Module 1: What Is Homeopathy? 
An introduction to the basics of homeopathy, this module will give you the tools you need to get started. Covered topics include: an explanation of what homeopathy is; the history and principles of homeopathy; scientific support for homeopathy; the problems with the pharmaceutical approach to healthcare; the practical application of homeopathy; important remedies to have on hand; the difference between acute and chronic disease; how to take a case; and more!

Module 2: How to Be Healthy Before Disaster Strikes
This module addresses the idea that the best preparation for disaster is good health, and lays out methods for achieving robust health while preparing for unforeseen circumstances. Topics include: nutrition; food storage and preparation; how to obtain nutrient dense foods; hunting and foraging; addressing chronic health problems; building a library of resources; the homeopathic prevention of disease; and more!

Module 3: Basic First Aid [this one section ranks at par with a good field water filter] 
Topics include: an introduction to homeopathic protocols; contusions; blunt trauma; concussion; cerebral hematoma; internal Injuries; broken bones; muscle sprains; lacerations; hemorrhage; blisters; puncture wounds; Tetanus/Blood Poisoning/Sepsis; eye injuries; animal bites & stings; Lyme Disease; Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever; and much more!

Module 4: Shock, Exhaustion
Topics include: Physiological Shock; fainting; unconsciousness; coma; Acute Stress Reaction; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; panic attacks; anxiety; phobias; grief; depression; shortness of breath; hyperventilation; asphyxia; hypothermia; frostbite; trench foot; chilblains; heatstroke; dehydration; exhaustion; seizure; electric shock; and more!

Module 5: Other Ailments & Systemic Problems
Topics include: allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock; appendicitis; burns; choking; hernia; heart attack; angina; food poisoning; Botulism; Dysentery; vomiting; diarrhea; nausea, contact dermatitis and Poison Ivy/Oak; abscesses; boils; cysts; MRSA; rashes, skin irritation; stroke; throat infection,; dental problems; UTI; parasites; and more!

Module 6: Epidemics
Topics include: fever; Anthrax; Chicken Pox; Cholera; Dengue Fever/Breakbone Fever; Diphtheria; Ebola; Hemorrhagic Fevers; Encephalitis/West Nile Virus; Hepatitis; Influenza; Malaria; Measles; Meningitis; Mumps; Plague; Polio; SARS; Scarlet Fever; Smallpox; Tuberculosis; Typhoid; Typhus; Whooping Cough; & Yellow Fever.

Module 7: Radiation, Drug Overdose, Chemical Exposure & Mold
Topics include: vaccinosis; radiation sickness; drug overdose or adverse drug reactions; Nerve Gas & other chemical exposure; chemical burns; ill effects from air pollution; Carbon Monoxide poisoning; pesticide exposure; ill effects from mold; fungal infections; and more!

Module 8: Special Needs: Pregnancy, Infancy & the Elderly
Topics include: homeopathy & motherhood; morning sickness; bleeding during pregnancy; miscarriage; problems during delivery; breech birth; post-partum hemorrhage; Puerperal Fever; post-partum depression; problems with breastfeeding; baby formulas; Thrush; Colic; Croup; Teething; Alzheimer’s Disease & Problems of the Mind; Arthritis & ambulatory problems; sleep issues; and more!

Module 9: Cell Salts
Topics include: Cell Salt Theory; The Role of Cell Salts Within the Homeopathic Family; Dosages & Frequencies.

Module 10: Odds & Ends 
Topics include: how to make homeopathic remedies; homeopathy for animals; homeopathy for plants, farm & garden; Bach Flower Remedies; herbs & tinctures; essential oils.


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