The Emotion Code and The Atonement

by Jenny Rosengren

With each of the different healing modalities that I have been introduced to, I carefully studied and prayed about them to see how they fit into the Lord's gospel. I did not want to be deceived in any way. The method I had the most difficulty accepting was, by far, the Emotion Code. It was introduced to me back in 2010. Back then, I didn't know of any one else that had even heard of it, and it was just WEIRD!

Muscle testing and then rolling some magnets down my back and then "releasing" the emotion with intention made me question, "Just where does the Atonement fit into all of this anyway?" It seemed too easy, too simple.

I felt impressed to still be open and continued to pray for guidance. One Sunday, I was sitting in Sunday School and the lesson was on the woman with the issue of blood. The Spirit bore powerful witness to me that this was the key to why the Emotion Code was effective. Her FAITH is what had made her whole. Obviously, touching Christ's garment had not been what had healed her. Therefore, in the Emotion Code, the person's intention was simply their faith, and the power by which they were healed was the Atonement. I soon gained a much deeper understanding of the Atonement.

Up until this time, I had an incorrect belief that to be repentant and to gain access to the Atonement, I needed to suffer and beat myself up for a while before I could be worthy enough to pray for forgiveness. The Emotion Code helped me understand that this wasn't necessary. Jesus Christ had already suffered for me! If I had enough faith and it was His will, my body and spirit could be healed by my faith in Him. Too easy, too simple? As with most things in the gospel, I had been making it too complicated and missed the simple sweet answer that, yes, my faith in Jesus Christ alone could make me whole (eventually).

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Aug 14, 2015
by: Sarah

It's funny that your experience of energy healing knowledge is kind of the polar opposite of mine. My first experience of the different modalities was reading the emotion code and it seemed weird but amazing. I am a huge fan of it, but am slightly skeptical of others, haha. (not really, but humans are creatures of habit)

I have been meditating about releasing trapped emotions recently and I don't think magnets are necessary in the slightest - we humans just like to "do" something and rolling a magnet down your back feels like something has been done. I have released trapped emotions through meditation, guided imagery and just speaking them aloud. All different tools to get to the same point. :)

Jul 24, 2015
I love the correlation
by: Anonymous

I love that correlation and often use the same story of the woman with the blood disease. Another point is how simple it was for her to just touch the hem of Jesus' clothing. Too often we complicate the processes in life. Her faith was certainly a major factor and the simplicity of her action is an incredible testimony to me of energy work!

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