Two Experiences that Convinced Me that Homeopathics are not a Placebo

Arnica and Bruising

One of my first experiences with homeopathic remedies was arnica gel.  It is an external gel that can be rubbed in like a lotion on injuries that have unbroken skin.  One day I dropped a 10 lb weight on my foot.  It really hurt.  I hobbled to get the gel and rubbed it in.  The pain did not miraculously subside - but it did lessen quite noticeably. However, it was the next day that I was shocked.  Shocked to find that on the top of my foot (though still a little tender) there was NO bruising.  What the…? Seriously?  Yes, no bruising.  So even though it wasn’t a pill - the gel is amazing for bumps and bruises. Since then I always have some in the house.  With 8 kids, we need it! How did we ever live without it?

A Hornet Sting

My next experience happened after we had been using homeopathics for some time. I consider myself blessed that until I was the age of 41, I had never experienced the singular pain of being stung by a hornet.  Dang! There is nothing like feeling like someone just jammed a big needle into your foot. That pain was intense! I remembered that Ledum is the remedy for puncture wounds and animal stings or bites.  I quickly took one pellet of the 30c potency and I was astounded that within seconds that intense pain became bearable.  On a pain scale of 1-10 I would say it went from an 8-9 to a 2 or 3.  Within seconds….I also noticed that the site started swelling pretty quickly and started dosing myself over the next few days with Apis (it takes down swelling).  The site became a little puffy and took a few days to completely go back to normal.  Only a few days later, my husband was also stung on his foot by a hornet.  I immediately gave him the Ledum and the Apis.  He, unlike me, did not continue taking the Apis and the site of his sting became a hard lump for at least a week afterward and even caused his ankle to be very swollen to the point that it was hard to move.  If you want my two cents...homeopathics are one of the best things ever! They are amazingly safe, effective, and cheap.


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