Which Way Do I Face?

I returned from my Quantum Touch class 2 nights ago. It was amazing and I learned so much about energy and its power to bring harmony and balance to the body and spirit. Yesterday, I offered free distance work to those in the LDS Holistic Sisters group and the LDS Foot Zoners group. I was astounded that I got over 100 requests for me to work on people in less than 24 hours! 

It was exciting to see the requests for free work to come in. Yesterday afternoon I sat down and started to work on a few of the people.  I prayed for each individual as I started.  I prayed to feel genuine love and concern for them and that God would let me be an instrument to bring love and balance to them.  I also asked that my mind be open to receive any information for what each individual needed.  

In the form I requested people fill out, I asked that they give me the specific issue they wanted me to focus on. It was interesting as I submitted my will to be guided through the session for each person.  Often the Spirit would not have me deal specifically with the issue that they had noted, nor would it have me do what my logical mind thought I should do.

I love the fact that Quantum Touch allows for “no rules”.  As long as my intention is love, and God is my guide, I know that He is the Master Healer and I am the conduit for His power, and the results will be amazing.

I felt great shifts with the people I worked on, and I knew that my work was real and tangible according to my faith. At times, I felt as if I was working on them in their actual presence, even though I have no idea where they were physically located! Sometimes, I envision what I think they may look like. It would be interesting to see if my mind’s eye is actually accurate!

At the close of each session, I then noted what I had done and sent off emails to each person. At the end of each email, I requested feedback.  After doing around 7 sessions, I took a break. Right before I went to bed, I received an email back.  I was so grateful for her message of gratitude!  I had felt such love and compassion for her during the session and it was soothing and validating to my spirit that she had also experienced some miraculous peace from my work.

I got up this morning hoping that there would be more emails or positive feedback and there was nothing.  I have a particular weakness and that is I have always sought to please others, and sought the praise of men. The opposite side of that praise, is the fear of men.  This weakness makes it difficult to concentrate on the only important thing which is...which way do I face? Lately, I have been fervently praying that I can simply be an instrument for God.  I want to submit my will to His and become who He sees I am.  He can do far more with my abilities and gifts than I ever could on my own.

Yet, I still crave that human validation! I want to know whether the work I performed was amazing for them, or I fear that they will ridicule or mock the experience that I have put into helping them. When I don’t receive the positive feedback, I start to fear that there is actually negative feedback and I begin to doubt that I really had the powerful and intuitive impressions that I had during the session!

As I pondered upon this and discussed it with my husband this morning, I turned to studying the scriptures.  I searched for things having to do with the gift of healing.  I was glancing through the results of the search when very powerfully the words came to my mind, “How many came back to thank me? Can you expect better than me?”

Can I expect or desire more positive feedback than 1 in 10? Can I expect better results than Christ had?  I was then reminded that the other 9 still were healed, even though they did not return in gratitude to their source of healing. How much more blessed was the one that came in gratitude to the Master Healer! Just because I received no feedback, does not mean my work was of no value.

I then found more parallels to help me know which way I face. Christ went about healing almost constantly; there were so many people in need!  As I continue to receive the messages from people asking for help for themselves or their loved ones, it brings me to tears and hurts my heart. I mean...I know that everyone has struggles and pain, but to have them come to me asking for help is a new experience.  I wish I had more hours in the day so I could get through the list faster!

Likewise, most of what Christ went about doing was alleviating pain and bringing harmony to people’s bodies.  However, there were only a few that He said were “made whole” because of their faith.  Only a few chose to be spiritually changed.

So many people suffer and want to be healed physically, but miss the most important part is the healing of the spirit.  The spiritual healing that Christ offers is lasting and eternal, and people did not have eyes to see or recognize the magnificence and power that would come from Christ’s atoning sacrifice.  

Yet Christ healed, not for man’s sake, but for the sake of the Father.  He chose to do the will of the Father and that is ALWAYS where His concentration was focused.  He loved and served others, knowing that it was for the love of His Father that He served.  

So I am seeking to be like Him.  I know which way I face!  I know what I desire is to serve Him.  Whether or not I can only help someone’s physical body, or even better their spirit, or maybe they will not find any change through my work and choose to ridicule it. None of the outcomes really matter because I choose to serve others for Him. I do it for Him because I love Him and I know where the source of my healing comes from.


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